Monday 13 July 2009

As war memorials go... this is a gem!

I found this by pure accident when in Kilburn (Brent) Police Station in Salusbury Road.

It records the direct hit on the police station on 6th November 1940 during WWII.

The plaque is up in the reception area and because it's inside (and free from the ravages of weather) it is in immaculate condition.

The plaque records the death of 13 staff - 12 officers and one civillian - including a re-engaged pensioner police constable and is a great insight into the nature of the 'all-hands to the pump element of the war'.

Note to self: need to ensure it gets a memorial wreath on armistice day...

The station although a new build of 1980 has a long history in fact. Kilburn was served by successive stations at Kempshall Terrace, Edgware Road from 1873 to1885).

It then moved to Kilburn High Road number 11-13 from 1885 to 1892) and was finally re-located to Salusbury Road from 1892 until it closed in 1938.

However, the building was brought back into use during the war but was then badly bombed (hence the plaque - and largely due to being close to the railway line - a popular target for enemy bombing raids) and from 1965 there was a temporary station on the site.

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