Saturday 11 July 2009

Beheaded of Hampstead...

There can't be too many people from the local area who have been beheaded and then recognised, but Sir Harry (Henry) Vane is one of them...

We're up on Hampstead High Street - just before modern day Greenhill opposite the end of Willoughby Road and there is a small close called Vane Close.

Vane Close is just by the entrance to the Royal School and on the wall to the left is one of the old London County Council plaques.

Harry Vane is definately a glamorous story and could even be quite a film with his american story and role on the national stage at a time of major political and constitutional change.

Few people so involved in the early days of America, the tribulations of the reign of Charles I, the Civil War and all that brought with it followed by the Restoration of Charles II.

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