Sunday 9 August 2009

Here's the access we've been waiting for...

Usually I concentrate this blog on historical things that have hung around and survived or on things that happened and can stillbe traced back or seen today. A couple of times I have captured everyday scenes to find them changed the following week or month.

This is a scene (or three) that I passed and thought would be of interest. Already a few weeks later the site has moved on in development so here goes the pictures I got...

It's the construction of the lift and bridge at West Hampstead Thameslink station - this will give access to the station for those with physical disabilities and also direct from Iverson Road.

This should also have the effect of easing the pedestrian access along the incredibly tight bit of pavement along the bridge on West End Lane. It does of course come with the building of the flats along Iverson Road and thereby probably some tree felling... more of that in the local planning process.

But for most people the crucial element is enhancements to West Hampstead Thameslink - considering the crucial nature of the station for the City and Brighton and also to Luton Airport Parkway this should make it easier for those with cases.

I wonder if these enhancements will also see the end of the really trciky issue of the early morning trains saying they are coming in on one platform (on which you can be waiting) t find it comes in on a completely different one and you don't have time to cross the platforms and so miss your train... has happened to me once an several others a lot. Bit of an old carnard a frustrating example of 'it's early so it doesn't matter'.

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