Sunday 2 August 2009

Loving Hampstead Lido

The Hampstead Lido is just great - but to my mind is beginning to show it's age.

It's approaching it's 71st birthday having been opened on 20th August 1938. rather bizarrely the opening was done by a slightly puzzled and bemused Stanley Rous, Secretary of the FA (Football Association)

Designed by London County Council Architects Harry Rowbotham and T Smithson is was only one of 13 Lido's built by LCC and was said to have been the most expensive to build. It is of course in the art deco style and cost £34,000 to build.

Today it's still a great facility - the pool is immaculately clean and the water clear - and even in the bitterest winter there are still early morning swimmers - for my part I don't swim well so avoid even the warmer months for dipping.

I love this picture I captured a while back - it has a certain 'little britain' quality to it... :-)

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