Friday 11 December 2009

Countdown to Christmas. Day 11 - What is it about Kilburn?

One of the key issues with politics is this sort of odd local government speak notion of 'place'.

It's a bit New Labour speak and a bit jargonistic but living here in kilburn I am beginning to understand what it might mean for me.

In short, for me, it about knowing, liking and understanding an area. it draws on soundbites like 'a place with no history has no future'.

Here in Kilburn it for me is epitomised by the Sir Colin Campbell pub.

It's a great irish tradition and a superb real old fashioned boozer - fun staff - good prices - lovely atmosphere and live music...

It's top, it's Kilburn :-)


Anonymous said...

Didn't these pubs used to have collection tins for the IRA - I think county Kilburn should pay some compensation to those who were killed or maimed by the IRA

Anonymous said...

A nice little pub but for years now the lovely old sign showing Sir Colin Campbell in ful Scottish uniform has been missing. The landlady took it down possibly thinking it was too British army for her customers.
Colin Campbell was the most popular General in Queen Victoria's army having risen through the ranks to become a general. Most unusual in those days.
He was a working class Glaswegian a hero of the Crimean war responsible for the Thin Red Line at Balaclava.
Let's get his sign put back up.