Monday 28 April 2008

Fenton House front and back...

I posted the other week about what was the oldest house in the local patch and Fenton House still seems to be the front runner

I've taken two pictures here: one of the front (small angle lense so slightly arty tilted angle to get as much in a poss) and then what I tjhink is propably more interesting and less seen anyhow is the picture of the back of the building.

I am now clear that these two pictures do little to reflect the full glory, and after the election, I'll be padding round with my big proper camera to gain the full picture.

Of course there is a risk that I'm interested in the architecture and in fact the main selling points of Fenton House are great collections of ceramics, paintings and musical instruments. All this and in addition of course the garden which is beautifully and lovingly tended.

Also I have noticed that most fo the promotional views of Fenton House are of the other 'front entrance' so lots to get my teeth into photographically...

But it does look like Grove Cottage is vying to be the oldest building in the patch - I'm there later this week so pictures to follow.

(Thanks for the lead on this from Robert Doyle on

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Haribo said...

I reckon the fridge in my kitchen is older than both.

Btw, I have been passed word that The Railway pub once hosted several legendary musical figures, including Jimi Hendrix. Do you know anything of this? It's possible I was being fooled, of course.