Wednesday 9 April 2008

Hampstead cemetery as a place to visit...

The tradition of taking a stroll around a graveyard has faded - it was a sunday norm for my grandparents and their parents, but it still remains a fascinating activity.

Hampstead cemetery is no exception. Located at the top of Fortune Green Road (West Hampstead) it is over 25 acres of land.

First purchased in 1875 it saw pretty fast development - the population of the area had grown significantly and demand was high. The lodge and chapel also date from this time and were built by Charles Bell.

This picture was taken at a time when it was slightly over-cast so perhaps doesn't draw out the architecture - well worth a visit.

The graves themselves are pretty impressive - whether it's for the famous and household names, the astonishing wealth of nature and wildlife that thrives here or the design and grandeur of many of the graves themselves.

There is a Friends of Hampstead Cemetery - details of which i'll add when I can locate them easily.

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