Monday 7 April 2008

Snow in April...

Okay, waking up on Sunday morning to a thick coating of snow in London was a bit of a shock - but a great opportunity to get out there with a camera.

Here is a small selection from either my balcony, Kilburn Grange park or the neighbouring streets.

I'm especially pleased with capturing the Kilburn State cinema tower in snow - looks pretty iconic and stunning...

The layer on Kilburn Grange was really deep and I counted at least 9 attempts at snowmen

The kids out playing in the snow was very special - i was struck how many of the children were from differing countires across the world, either un-used to snow or very familiar...

Makes it much easier planning for the Christmas card this year when it handily snows in April - usually I get to October or November and end up scrabbling around for an image or picture to convert...

I'm more than little aware that there is a whole science to weather reporting and you can get much much more here

which inlcudes confirming that although snow in April felt odd and uncommon it in fact isn't and the last time it snowed in England in April was 2000

April 2000

"Snow fell across much of central England although, except in some upland areas (notably the Pennines), it did not settle for long. At Lyneham in Wiltshire snow was reported for 18 consecutive hours. Although not a common event for April, similar snowy conditions have occurred at Lyneham as recently as 1998."

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