Friday 4 April 2008

Glengall and Pessell anyone?

A brief stroll down Glengall Road, Kilburn/Queen's Park and I found this - clearly marked Glengall Chambers a smallish (I guess three or four flats) residential building - you can see the name plaque visible over the main entrance.

But in the tiling at the entrance is Pessell Chambers.

  1. It raised three things with me... Glengall?
  2. Pessell?
  3. but also to what extent were these late victorian residential expansions actually for commuters or for people who worked locally? It seemed quite possible to me that at one point this was in fact a chambers for a company (law firm) or an admin HQ for a stationers etc.
The best I can locate is that Glengall is an Irish peerage dating from 1816 so it's quite possible that there is some connection there and Pessell is a fairly common-ish surname.

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