Wednesday 28 May 2008

The National Ballroom WAS The Grange Cinema

The interest in old cinema's is fascinating - perhaps it's the 50's traditional off seeing the matinee and that generation of people are still around to take close interest - but I still get the biggest response when I post stuff about the local cinema's.

The Kilburn High Road is especially rich pickings in this regard and I posted earlier about the National Ballroom.

Well I was passing this weekend and nopticed that in fact my hunch that it was called The grnage was right (i've clearly read or been told this before) because nestling behind one of the high growing trees you can still see the name of the cinema in the external stucco plaster work.

The window's as well are really stunning and would benefit from a serious decontamination of the pigeon army and then lighting from within - at least to get the pictures taken of them in full glory.

I have now been contacted by quite a few people willing to share their memories of the cinema's - i can see quite a piece of oral history ahead of me - who knows where this sort of historical capture goes? I sense that this is an especially good seam and that the Kilburn High Road is rich pickings in this regard...

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