Wednesday 21 May 2008

Where does the river flow?

It's not the most obvious shot of a river but that's exactly what it is - the location of the river in Kilburn.

I remains slightly unclear as to the definition of river versus tributary and whether it is the Kilbourne river, the Westbourne or a feeder from or to the Fleet.

What I do know however, if that if you stand above this set of drains at the bottom of West End Lane but the old Bird in Hand Pub you can hear the river flowing beneath you.

I'm told that this is the river that feeds the Serpentine eventually and that in fact you can later 'see' the river as it crosses a major tube station in a metal pipe south of here in Kilburn. But is opening up our waterways something we should be considering - it's certainly been a thread brought up in sustainability discussions and it sounds an attractive notion but is it in any way possible now they have lain underground for so long?

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