Thursday 24 January 2008

It's so good when you have an amazing candidate

The Fortune Green by-election has been set for Thursday 21st February and the Lib Dem candidate will be Nancy Jirira. Nancy works in health care, know the local area really well, lives in Sarre Road in the middle of the ward and is just really enthusiastic to work with the community.

I can genuinely say that Nancy would be a superb councillor for the local area - she know the patch, she get's on really well with Flick Rea and Russell Eagling (the other two ward councillors) and anyone meeting her will sense her charm and energy.

More to follow, but hey - I'm really pleased and excited...


Anonymous said...

Just curious. Does Nancy come from Sierra Leone?

Anonymous said...

I'd know if it was Salone - being an amateur officianado and fan of said country...!
Zimbabwe i think

Anonymous said...

I have made some comments on various older articles. I do hope you check them out. Excellent blog, by the way. Far superior to City Neighbours. I'll be back....often!

Like me you are a local history buff. I have tried but failed miserably to find out anything about that very strange carving on the wall above the pizza joint opposite the West Hampstead Library. I would love to find out who put it there and why. There's a challenge for you, Ed!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Brittain would like to know why this particular subject is all hushed up.....

Anonymous said...

Ok Ed, you win! I won't be back!

Shrill, shrill, shrill!

The Lib Dems have just lost my vote too.