Friday 11 January 2008

Where will the Post Office axe fall?

After months of threats, secret lists and local community fears, so the Labour Government is about to unveil the list of local Post Offices that they will be putting forward for possible closure [also called Operation Reinvention!].

They have of course sought to suggest that it will be a consultation - it will more likely, be a battle. There are no Post Offices locally across Hampstead and Kilburn constituency that people will be content to see closed.

The Government have confirmed that there will be 2.500 closures across England, specifically there will be 150 closures across London.

That means about 6 Post Offices per borough will close. So which 6 in Camden and Brent - right now it doesn't feel like there is a single Post Office that the community would support a closure plan on. Of course the Government and Royal Mail tell us not to worry, yet...

In fact we have the bizarre irony that the Royal Mail have promised to re-open a Post Office in Belsize but have failed on any level to meet their promise.

Why should we trust either the Labour Government or Royal Mail on this issue now?

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