Sunday 20 January 2008

Stucco patterns and the skill of pargeting!

I found the most amazing visage when I was down Clifford Gardens before christmas and finally today was down there with my camera. In short, every single house has a decorative feature on the front gable end - it looks like just floral decoration - and that I thought was that.

But in fact on closer inspection you realise that every single gable is different. Most are indeed floral, many are psuede gothic - others are very contemporary and date the street (1896). One of them depicts two scouts playing cricket with their tent pitched up.

According to my local history they were built by Charles Langler (sic Langler Road) and Charles Pinkham (sic Pinkham Way on the North Circular) and they in turn employed local firms to decorate the houses with stucco patterns.

The technique is known as pargeting and makes the street incredibly distinctive. Take the time and have a walk down there - not least cos when you do you will be walking across the site of what used to be the National Athletic Ground - Queens Park Rangers early ground (one of many) - opened in 1890

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Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, I was walking my dog down Clifford Gardens last week and I stopped to admire the houses, One in particular was a lovely pastel shade of Yellow. It looked very Spanish or Californian!

I took a photo but am not sure how I can put it up on this comments page.

ps. I too am a lover of local history. The fact abot the Queens Park football ground was new to me. I hope you keep posting more of such interesting historical trivia.