Tuesday 15 January 2008

The ongoing saga of the wall advert murals in North West London

I was quite happily out and about when I was caught by a reader of this website/blog who wanted to show me another wall mural they were aware of.

They were quite pleased cos when the tree is in full leaf then the mural is barely visible - as you can see from this picture it's pretty faded. After much squinting I think the first line is A S ***TINY. I suspect that it's something that will be more legible in different weathers - this was a pretty grey and overcast day last week.

There is one other factor that I have an obligation to draw attention to officionadoes of this blog and that is that it is on College Road, Queen's Park. Strictly speaking this falls outside of my purview. the nature of ward and constituency boundaries means that this falls into Kensal Rise ward but nonetheless I think it qualifies.

Oh, and to the reader who has pointed out that I have missed the wall advert mural in West Hampstead Mews - you're right and you are the second person to point it out to me - there is indeed another wall mural on the other side of the road and I missed it first time round with the camera - so watch this space...




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