Monday 17 March 2008

The changing of street names

A few years back I was tracing the death of my great-grandfather - it was all a bit unclear, no member of the living family with whom I was in contact had been present, no-one was very clear on the date and all that was known was that it might have taken place in Stoke-on-Trent. A couple of years later I found myself working in Stoke-on-Trent and took up the scent again - I duly obtained a death certificate and headed off to find Lord Street (as identified on the certificate) - it was then that I found out that in fact the street no-longer existed, that it had first been re-named, then the terraces cleared (at least in part) and then the traffic remodelled with a fly-over to such an extent that the area was unrecognisable...

It was the first time that I realised that names have changed in relatively recent memory.

So it has been for this part of North West London and some of the changes are still visible (picture right - if you double click then the picture will open larger if you want to see closer detail) - you can still read GOLDSMITHS PLACE on the painted sign above and the street name of SPRINGFIELD LANE now installed on the side of the Old Bell Inn., Kilburn High Road.

(This is NW 6)
Abbot's Road - Abbots Place
Albert Mews - Abbey Mews
Albion Road - Harben Road
Chislett Road - Compayne Gardens
Edward Terrace - Kilburn Place
Goldsmiths Place - Springfield Lane
High Road Kilburn - Kilburn High Road
Manchester Mews - Greville Mews
Munden Cottages - Kilburn Place
Providence Place - Kilburn Place
Saint Georges Road - Priory Terrace
Victoria Mews - Boundary Road
Victoria Yard - Boundary Road
William Terrace - Kilburn Place

(This is NW 3)
Brewer's Yard - Carlisle Yard
Christchurch Road - Christchurch Hill
Church Lane - Perrins Lane
Church Road - Tasker Road
Church Walk - Perrins Walk
College Road - Eton College Road
Golden Square - The Mount Square
The Grange - Parkhill Place
The Grove - Hampstead Grove
High Street Hampstead - Hampstead High Street
Lancaster Place - Lancaster Drive
Lancaster Road - Lancaster Grove
Mall, The - Mall Studios
Merton Road - Merton Rise
Silver Street - The Mount
Stamford Place - Stamford Close
The Grange - Parkhill Place
The Grove - Hampstead Grove
The Mall - Mall Studios


Anonymous said...

You will know that the area behind the pub in Springfield Lane used to be a gathering place for people to come out from London on a Sunday and listen to the evangelist preachers. I presume they also drank refreshing spring water! This was before the railway cut through.
Thanks for your good work in discovering what's behind many of our local landmarks.
Now then, what about that weird plaque above the pizza joint opposite the library on West End Lane. If you find out what the heck that is all about I will vote for you in the next election!!!

Anonymous said...

The plaque on the wall opposite the library in West End Lane depicts a satyr.....why?

Ed Fordham said...

I think I have a bit more about the gathering place for preachers that I spotted the other week so hold fire whilst i get the necessary pics

Also have a very special treat on the kilburn prioriy itself - I don;t think people realise quite how much is still visible and recognisable...

more to follow