Friday 28 March 2008

Hampstead Old Town Hall war memorial

In the genre of plaques I thought we could branch out into war memorials - this one in Hampstead Old Town Hall is especially impressive.

It's to the 32 members of staff of Hampstead Borough Council who dies in the First World War.

The Coats of arms is listed in full detail here:

I'm a 'friend' of Hampstead Town Hall and have a real affection for it. Thomas Stearns Elliott was married to Vivien Haigh-Wood there (, there is also another war memorial for the Boer War, it has great architectural plans on display in the reception area (side room) and has an air of the grandeur with which local government used to conduct itself.

Of course the Town Hall building was famously declared suplus to requirments in 1994 by the Labour Council and that led to the campaign to save it, re-open it and preserve it on a footing for the future.

The war memorial is listed on the national inventory: as is the one from the Boer War:

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