Monday 3 March 2008

Is this father and son?

There are loads of small architectural features in the upper levels of buildings - usually just above doorways and shop signs - and seeing these made me stop and think.

I find myself invariably walking down a street and looking up now, the camera is an almost instinctive part of my 'what am I carrying when I leave the house in the morning' routine... and it's these little features that spur me on with this endeavour.

It's not uncommon to see kings and queen's, indeed in Kilburn I found four musical greats:

But these two didn't seem quite so obvious. It is entirely possible that we have here a depcition of the Father and Son - perhaps the achitect, the commissioner, the shop owner... any other suggestions.

I have previously commented on this great bit of local shopping,

but this is slightly set aside on the Aldred Road side - if you're down Mill Lane, pause, turn off into Aldred and have a look...,

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