Sunday 16 March 2008

Kilburn music mystery solved...

So the music mystery is finally solved - thank you Janet Grauberg.

The building at the bottom of West End Lane, where it meets Kilburn High Road, has four musical 'medallions' - details on the links above. I have reproduced the picture of the building here.
I suggested that it might of been a music school, but in fact (and of course lessons might have taken place there) it was Philip's Music Shop - opposite what was Parr's Bank.

Philip's moved here in 1891 and the shop closed in the 1930's. Amongst other services they hired out piano's, but are now captured by the medallions on the wall...
Mystery solved... :-)
There is a picture of the Kilburn High Road when the music shop was there in Kilburn and Cricklewood, by Marinanne Colloms and Dick Weindling.

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