Friday 14 March 2008

Winning is very very good...

The morning after a by-election that you have won is always quite special: it feels like you are floating and have an uncontrollable grin...

I try and keep party politics out of this blog, but thought that these two pics were unusual aspects that you often don't see in or after the melee of an election and I thought they both reflected my grin today.
The first is Queen's Park last night and the second is the Fortune Green by-election. Both stunning wins for Simon Green and Nancy Jirira respectively.


Anonymous said...

All fine as long as we stay with hand counting. As has been shown in America, computers counting is often fraudulent. That's how Bush got back in and will no doubt get Clinton in.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Simon and Nancy!

Two fantastic results - and what is happening to the Conservatives?!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ed,

I really appreciate your photos.We all live such busy lives and do not always have a chance to observe in great detail treasures we have around us.

Best wishes to Simon and Nancy.