Wednesday 6 February 2008

Hampstead Brewery - bring it back?!

Not the most obvious local fact, but yes, there was a Hampstead Brewery just off the High Street.

Established in 1720 by the owner of Jack Straw's Castle (a coaching inn) and on a location on the High Street which could access the recently piped water that flowed through Hampstead. The Brewery serviced amongst other places the old Hampstead pub, The King of Bohemia.

This frontage of the brewery was re-built in 1869 and is a great feature of the High Street - the houses behind in the building itself are now Old Brewery Mews.

Landlords/owners of the Brewery
John Vincent 1720
Robert Vincent and Richard Vincent 1755
Robert Vincent 1776
Elizabeth Vincent 1787
Messrs. Shepheard and Buckland and Elizabeth Vincent in 1797
Messrs. Shepheard and Buckland and James Buckland in 1812
John Buckland 1827
Thomas Buckland 1834 and 1854
John Tanner Hawkins 1859 (who named it The Hampstead Brewery and rebuilt the building with the current entrance)
Edward Harris 1870 and 1875
Mure and Company c.1880
Closed in 1932

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