Sunday 24 February 2008

Just picking up the architectural features

I was just wandering down the street in Hampstead and was struck by the charm of the features round the break from High Street to Rosslyn Hill - the old 'Dudman's Hampstead Borough Stores' especially stand out.

The inscription (above the window) reads 'Rebuilt 1890' - but because the building is so high, on a hill and at a fairly steep point you have to really stop, step back and look up to appreciate it to the full.

But it sure is a joy to behold.

Also in the way of charm is this old water well drinking point. In contrast this is at street level but is slightly hidden at the point it sits as it's not a natural pedestrian crossing - being between Mulberry Close and Vane Close and near the pederestian crossing on the hill...

A tad religious for me, but the extent it adds to the local charm is pretty good - and it does reflect a different age in a way that is quite special.

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