Saturday 23 February 2008

Welcome to Nancy Jirira

We thought it would be a good night, but we never expected Thursday to be quite so good.

Nancy Jirira was elected as the new councillor for Fortune Green with a whopping 51% of the vote and a majority of over 600 votes.

The Tories threw absolutely everything at this election, lots of Labour canvassers (though few Labour Camden councillors in evidence on the doorsteps!) and Nancy still won through.

Good luck to Nancy - she's a strong community champion, she joins Russell Eagling and Flick Rea on the team and will really stand up for Fortune Green's residents.

Well done, best wishes.


Anonymous said...

Ed, are you and Russell Eagling item, so to speak?

Congrats to the new Councillor.

At least Flick is a local!

You two Stoke boys have done well though. When will Russell have another go at becoming an MP? He didn't do very well in Derby South, did he?
Such a pity more local people don't stand for local elections and parliamentary ones for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I worked for some time at Stoke-on-Trent but I'm not sure that would ever qualify me for being a 'Stoke boy' - though i did serve as a councillor for four years there.
It's one of those cities where 20 years is considered a brief apprentiship

Anonymous said...

Other anonymous: I hope you realise that not only is Flick local, but also Nancy, who has lived in Fortune Green Ward (Sarre Road) for 17 years and in the West Hampstead area even longer. Locality seems to me important for local councillors (though some of the best and most assiduous that I know serve communities very far from where they actually live) - far less important in these multicultural, cosmopolitan and fast moving times for MPs and parliamentary candidates. I suppose some would argue that Nancy isn't local 'cos she came to Britain originally from Africa - Sierra Leone or somewhere like that, I believe. For me it's good enough that she was a local health visitor and now works for the NHS. I am sure she will be a top rate councillor.

Anonymous said...


Cogratulations on the by-election win in Fortune Green.

Keep going and you'll be a shoe-in for Parliament.

Hope you're well.

Andy W (Cheltenham)

Anonymous said...

Is Nancy a Common Purpose grasduate? Are you, Ed?

What do you know about this sinister outfit?

I suggest readers Google