Wednesday 13 February 2008

Public fountains rock!

Every time I go past the South End Green fountain I think about how the fountain's presence massively enhances the local area.

As an amenity, as apiece of architecture, instilling a sense of place to an otherwise small piece of land. It dominates the green, has been carefully restored and is now working again with proper wet flowing water.

Of course, this was all understood by our forebears which is why they didn't make public water features just a tap or water stand - they made them fully fledged fountains or troughs... And today we are reaping the multiple benefits.

The sense of good quality is there too with the bowl, the lion heads on the side and also the neptune faces on the bowl - all good stuff...

It's features such as this that give a sense of pride, upkeep and preserve within the ravages of London life a bit of the village that all of us find a little appealing. I know, it's curious, but it's definitely there as an atmosphere and the fountain is part of that.


Theo Blackwell's blog said...

This is a very boring blog you know

Anonymous said...

Shame about the paving and the badly written comments on it. Some rich guy payed for it and insisted on having his children's names and other nonsense put there.