Sunday 27 February 2011

Boom in cinema's locally...

So just how many cinema's have there been in the local area?

I'm counting at least 7 down the Kilburn High Road (only 1 now)
1 on Belsize Road in Kilburn
The current 1 at Swiss Cottage
1 on the Finchley Road
2 on Heath Street, NW3 (1 still there)
and 2 on Haverstock Hill (1 still there)

I make that 13 in the past (3 today)
Any other's I've missed?


Tetramesh said...

Don't forget the one that used to be on South End Green where M&S food is now situated.

Dominic said...

Don't know if you're counting the old ABC (Pond Street/by South End Green, where M&S is now) as one of the two on Haverstock Hill, but if not...that one.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you're including the one that used to be where the Marks & Spencers is by the Royal Free. Was a Canon/ABC I think. Seems a long time ago.