Sunday 23 March 2008

Open space in urban London... in pictures

It's been a slow Easter weekend - lots of food, walking, cafes and of course, living in North West London - the visit to Kenwood House.

It's all part of the heath but of course managed separately - but the vast space and sense of openess is truly magnifcent for this part of urban england.

I have just bought a copy of 'Hampstead Heath, by Deborah Wolton and David McDowell, photographs by Sandra Lousada' and whilst I can't match their pictures - taking pictures of what you see and being able to enjoy them at home is astonishingly satisfying.

So this is just a small photographic reflection of the trees and colour - it's truly awe inspiring in the best possible way and so good and so easy to just sit back and see the natural environment for what it is.

The list of tributes for those who saved and enhanced the Heath is itself interesting:

  • The 3rd Earl of Mansfield

  • Octavia Hill

  • Thomas Barratt

  • Henrietta Barnett

  • Arthur Crosfield, Robert Waley-Cohen and Henry Goodison

(more to follow I think!)

But this fails to recognise the work done by the men and women who work every day and every week on the heath and at Kenwood House.

Since I have served on the management committee, I have come to understand the nuture of the flora, fauna and trees - issues such as pollarding seemed harsh but are in fact necessary: But also to respect and appreciate the tenderness, the care and the love felt by those who work and volunteer on the heath and in its environs.

It also makes for great photography and dramatic shadow on the sky-line...

To see more of these pics you can click on them and they should open up larger if you want.

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Anonymous said...

And a small thanks to our friends at English Heritage. And while we're at it bring back our concerts - ignore the killjoys.