Thursday 6 March 2008

Perspectives on a railway line

Just out and about and I spotted these two shots - pretty plain of themselves but I was really struck by the stark and attractive nature of the perspective.

Railways actually cut across our geography in a way that we take for granted but in fact are deep lines cut into the now natural architecture

Each time you look at a map you tend to follow the line of a river or a railway - it's one of our more enduring makes on nature's landscape.

The other aspect of this is the way we look down tracks waiting for trains as though it's the kettle wanting it to boil. The consequence is you often don't see the view, you just have your own train waiting frustrations...

One is taken at Brondesbury Station looking east down the track

One is taken at the western end of Kensal Rise station looking to Chamberlayne Road

The other from West Hampstead looking down to Granny Drippen Steps and the O2 centre.

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