Saturday 22 March 2008

The types of street name plates

Usually I am reporting the historical change of street names - yet here we have a charming compliment to the post of the other day.

Dynham Rd. N.W.6. - in the old style, just inches below the even older style of DYNHAM ROAD NW painted onto the wall.

There are a few other examples, but most seem to be the painted old name and then the tiled new name.

Should the painted signs be restored? Are they part of our local heritage?

In appreciation of the 'ye olde innocent road name sign' I'm attaching these nice pics below on the otherside of town - furthest flung Hampstead - of Tanza Road, Parliament Hill, South End Green.

I posted earlier about how I like Platt's Lane as a name - Tanza sounds pretty exotic...

Alas however, there is a much simpler origin it would seem.

Tanza was built in 1890 and was spelt Tanser Road, it was changed in 1894 and the new spelling agreed with the Borough - it is thought that the original spelling might originate from Tansor, a village in Northamptonshire, just south of the village of Nassington. Though I'm unclear of the actual linkage with Northamptonshire...

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