Thursday 27 March 2008

Petition to get rid of Glenda Jackson and Frank Dobson

Finding yourself on the wrong side of the debate?

I am agitated about Post Office closures and in particular the threat to South End Green, England's Lane and Harrow Road - on the one hand it's a great campaign and it's exciting collecting signatures, drafting responses, but crucially on the other hand it really really matters. Beyond the fun as we do the petitions, the campaigns, the leaflets the aim is to save the Post Offices from closure.

MPs voting in the house last week could vote against the closure programme...

Here in Hampstead and Kilburn we have two MPs currently: Sarah Teather MP and Glenda Jackson MP. Both spoke in the debate, both spoke against closures, both have been cited in their press as being against the closures in their area. YET WHEN IT CAME TO THE VOTE GLENDA JACKSON ABSTAINED. Sarah Teather voted against the closures, as did other local Lib Dem MP Lynne Featherstone I'm delighted to say. Frank Dobson MP voted with the Government for the closures.

So here is today's verdict of the local paper the Ham and High (Hampstead and Highgate Express). For a local newspaper and a cartoon this is astonishingly but hilariously damning - It's a huge credit to them for putting their finger bang on the button.


Ed Fordham said...

Dear Glenda,
Post Offices and in particular the closure of England’s Lane and South End Green are major current local issues. Along with many other residents, I was at the two packed public meetings. At both meetings local residents reported that they had been in touch with you and that you were supportive of both Post Offices and you were quoted in the local press as being in support.

Yet when faced with a chance in the House of Commons to vote for a motion that sought to stop the closures you abstained. This is an extraordinary decision by you and I personally am very disappointed with you.

I have read the Hansard record in full and well understand that the Conservative Government closed 3,500 Post Offices and have a poor record on this.

Here was a motion before the Commons on which there was a consensus - we all thought that as our local MP you would stand up for us. Frankly your non-vote is a huge let down.

Labour MP Gordon Prentice said in the debate "I can see nothing wrong with it. I read it through two or three times in case I was missing something. I see nothing in it that my friends or colleagues on this side cannot vote for" and he duly voted for the motion. You did not.

Residents wanting to save their Post Offices have been out in cold and wet weather collecting signatures and motivating their neighbours – we just wanted you to vote for our local Post Offices.

This was a real opportunity. The community is the poorer for this opportunity being lost, and the future of our Post Offices looks darker. You could have used your role as our MP to make a real difference, and you have failed to do so.

With much regret,

Ed Fordham

Anonymous said...

So what is the point of Glenda Jackson? She lives in Blackheath, south of the river. We read very little about her in the press. Why should she care about the residents of Hampstead or West Hampstead?
She has no real interest in the area.
She has now shown she doesn't give a toss about our local post offices, an issue that most of us feel very strongly about.
Let's get rid of her!
Des Brittain.

Anonymous said...

Our first ever nomination on lib dem voice

11. Petition to get rid of Glenda Jackson and Frank Dobson on Ed Fordham’s Just 474 Votes to Win blog.
A local newspaper prints a cartoon which is both funny and has a point: a remarkable enough occurrence fully to deserve mention.